About us

We, in Opera

We are an interior contractor that realizes turnkey projects for hotel and residential structures, taking care of the analytical, design and executive phases.

What is Opera Contract

“Opera is the purpose,
the means and also the vision
of a work in its entirety.”


It is an activity
that aims at beauty, style,
aesthetics, functionality
with a strong artistic awareness

A team with over 20 years of experience,
Opera contract stands out as represantative specialized in the creation of workmanlike environments.

With competence and reliability it develops exclusive, tailor-made projects that offer flexible, technological and sustainable solutions in both the hospitality and retail sectors.

We want to create unique environments that are distinguished by style and elegance, the aim being that the client recognizes himself in the context created. We are aware that the customer, by entrusting himself to us, puts his future in our hands. The success of the work, on time and within budget, is our responsibility.

Do you have a
tailor-made project in mind?

Value Opera

For a contract project
our goal is to respect
the expectations
of our interlocutor for:


Careful selection of materials for value and technical requirements Scrupulous technical production planning to ensure a solid structure of the furniture and its longevity.


The customer counts on us: with absolute reliability in the design and operational choices we will support him in the most functional solutions for his reality. Our professional assistance becomes his security.


Accuracy in meeting deadlines is as important as timeliness in solving problems. We take care of every project phase: from production to the construction site.

Ready to
develop your
project together.